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Videos - recorded live at various locations

House is A'Rockin' (Stevie Ray Vaughan)Fire Down Below (Bob Seger)Cosmik Debris (Frank Zappa)
Feel Good (Gorillaz)Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers)After Midnight (Eric Clapton

Library with a bunch of youtube videos.

Music - recorded in our studio (errr, basement)  

Our 1st CD - "Middle Age Maladies" Our 2nd CD - "Don't Turn To The Left"  some Covers
Delco Barbie (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated)
Click Here for the YouTube "Delco Barbie" Slideshow Video
Click Here for the "Delco Barbie Story"
Lyrics The Bailout Blues (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)  Lyrics Route 66
Don't Ever Leave (courtesy of Counterfeit Pennies) Lyrics Global Warming (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)   Lyrics Bring It On Home
Erectile Dysfunction (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated) Lyrics Make It Count (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)   Lyrics American Idiot
Not in My Backyard (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated) Lyrics No Redeeming Social Value (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)   Lyrics Dammit
Shallow (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated) Lyrics The World is Flat (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)   Lyrics You Better Swim
Slightly Irish Drinking Song (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated)
Click Here for the YouTube "The Slightly Irish Drinking Song"
Lyrics SeniIsle City (copyright 2010 - Slightly Sedated)   Lyrics What I Got
The Sedated Boogie (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated) Lyrics     The Middle
Your Loss (copyright 2008 - Slightly Sedated) Lyrics     I Wanna be "Slightly" Sedated


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